The footbathing of cows is a vital measure to stop sure forms of lameness from occurring in your herd.

The principle function of footbathing cows is to stop and management infectious foot ailments.

In herd, the place points akin to digital dermatitis are current, an efficient footbathing programme will assist to manage power lesions from turning into lively.


To find out how usually footbathing must be happen in your farm, you must seek the advice of along with your vet and or hoof trimmer.

Sure elements in your farm may imply that cows have to stroll by an answer on a reasonably common foundation. The presence of digital dermatitis throughout the herd could also be one such issue.

They can even be capable of offer you some steering with regard to which merchandise try to be utilizing.

Elements to contemplate

Footbathing is a whole-herd method, somewhat than making an attempt to work individually with each cow.

The design, location and administration of the footbath are all extra necessary issues – together with the answer chosen.

However there are additionally one other variety of issues to be factored in by farmers when footbathing cows. Good cow circulation by the bathtub is necessary because it ensures higher contact time, and that the answer makes contact with the correct components of the cows’ toes.

Your footbath answer should cowl the pores and skin above the hoof, together with that on the entrance of the foot – so a depth of 12cm and at the very least 3m lengthy is suggested.

It’s because two foot ‘dunks’ are usually higher than one, so having a footbath at the very least 3m lengthy means each foot is dunked at the very least twice.

How clear cows’ toes are coming into the bathtub can even have an effect on the quantity of contact time. Extra grime must be faraway from cows’ toes earlier than they enter a footbath.

Getting these small issues right will improve the effectiveness of the answer and finally ought to enhance cow foot well being.